Wednesday, October 27, 2010

any day now, you'll call me up on the phone...

Yesterday, I made a phone call to a friend that I haven't spoken to in years.  She didn't answer, and I left a voicemail.  I hope she calls me back.  To be completely honest, she called me a few months ago because I work with her mother, and I failed to call back.  Staying in touch is not my strong point, but it is something I am aware of and trying to work on.  The reason I called this friend is that I heard a song on the radio by an artist who was mildly popular when I was in high school.  It brought back an inside joke that I had with her, and I thought about calling her, and then I thought about not calling her.

I called her, because even though I feel badly about not calling for so long, I realized that maybe that is a reason why people fall out of touch and stay out of touch: one or both people feel guilty about having the ball in their court and waiting so long, so they don't call at all.  I caught myself in that game, and decided that our friendship is more important to me than who called last.  I am sorry that it's been so long, but if someone is a real friend, you won't be afraid to take that step.  In a day with the prevalence of Facebook, e-mail, and twitter, it would have been just as easy to use those mediums.  But, while I think there are positive factors in the use of those, I believe they can also be used as an excuse to forget about the human factor in relationships.  It's not always as easy to call, but it's more worth it, even if she doesn't return my call.

"If we can call them friends then we can call them on their telephones
and they won't pretend that they're too busy or that they're not alone."
-Andrew Bird


  1. I suppose I should tell you I follow your blog and read it daily now. It's been added to my Google Reader feed, and I enjoy it immensely!

  2. Wow, I had no idea because you're not on my followers list! But I like it! And now I see that you have blog; I may just have to return the following-favor.