Wednesday, October 20, 2010

le beau jour

Judging by the photo below, it should be evident that today was a boring day at work.  Not a whole lot happened and I spent most of my time rushing to get a project in before a six-hour training tomorrow.  With the strong desire to go home, I suddenly had an epiphany: This isn't so bad.  If being bored is the worst that it's getting, there's a lot I need to be thankful for.  Compared to my prior work, the stress level here is fairly low.

I've also been having conversations lately with several different friends about the idea of waiting for things--big things--to happen in life.  Many of us try to get through the days as fast as possible, in anticipation of events or goals to be achieved in life.  I've been learning that this day, this boring day, is a big part of my life.  Each one of these days makes up what my life is, and what my life will be. And every day is a chance to start over.

"The purpose of life is a life of purpose."  -Robert Byrne

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