Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'll tap the brake, while you crack the window

This morning, I was a few minutes late to work as I packed my things, one by one, into the frost-covered car.  (Yes, I said frost covered. If you asked, I'd tell you I think it's a little too early for that).  As my driver's side door creaked shut, I realized that I had forgotten my inhaler.  Much to my annoyance, I hurriedly shuffled up three flights of stairs, grabbed the item, and rushed back down.  Halfway down my usual route, I got a call from my husband telling me there was major traffic and to go the back way to the highway.  So, I turned around, spent an extra ten minutes to get to the highway -- with a police officer driving behind me almost the whole way -- only to realize that there was dead-stop traffic on the main route as well.  Not only was there bumper-to-bumper traffic on one highway, but it was on both highways that I take to get to my place of work.  Needless to say, by the time I arrived, I was half-an-hour late.

Let's back up a little bit.  As I was sitting at a stand still in my vehicle, I attempted to calm myself down.  It took a situation like this for me to realize that I had not obtained any phone numbers from work friends or from my manager.  Since the situation was completely out of my control, I decided to listen to some Cat Power and wind down.  Then, I began talking to myself.  I admit it; I do that from time to time.  I'm thankful for this car.  I'm warm and it's not breaking down.  I'm thankful for my job.  I'm thankful for my wonderful husband.  And, you know, it actually worked!  I arrived to work late today, but it wasn't really worth my stress.

Okay, I didn't drive 300 miles today, but it felt like it.

"I'll tap the brake while you crack the window. The smell of smoke is making my lungs
explode.  The 51 is backed up and too slow.  Let's tune out by turning on the radio."
-The Format

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